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Christian Education Ministry


Monday, August 16, 2021




We’re pleased to have our Vacation Bible School, for adults 20 years and over, on Saturday August 28th from noon until 2:00pm.  The theme is "I’VE GOT THIS! With Jesus," based on Philippians 4:13. All students will learn how victory, strength, prayer, and praise in Christ are blessings and opportunities for families, individuals, churches, and communities to declare who Jesus is in their lives. “I’ve Got This! With Jesus” serves as a model of encouragement we can follow to highlight practical strength builders we can use every day! More information about the VBS teaching information can be found at the website


Below you will find the registration form. To ensure that we have adequate resources allocated, please register by August 20th.


We are grateful to God for the opportunity to “study to show ourselves approved.” We ask your continued prayers and support. May The Lord bless and keep you is our prayer.


Yours Because of Calvary,

Pastor Shaw



M.O.B.C Vacation Bible School Registration Form


Date: Saturday August 28th from noon until 2:00pm


Please save this document to your computer, fill out your name, save the form, then email this form to  


Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________

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